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HOLY CROSS RADIO provides a rich variety of programming intended for each generation in a Christian family.

HOLY CROSS RADIO is a Christian media private Online Radio; which consists of Missionary special and Jesus wants you- exclusive youth program,Rosary, Prayer for students, Ladies special, Child time, Heart warming hymns, Bible quiz, Every day thought, Word of God, Cartoons, Church / Papal Events, Documentaries, Drama, concerts,Children and teen Programs,etc… All our programmes will be designed exclusively for the world christian community.
We are a lively and God fearing faith community that extends gracious hospitality to all. We value our Christian traditions, our sense of rootedness, our community spirit, and our desire to be inclusive. We extend a warm welcome to all who wish to join and worship with us.

We give God all the glory for the miracles done by him to get us this far and trust you will enjoy browsing the site. We are privileged to offer you a fresh line-up of Christian programming, which we believe will bring a new level of annointing into your home today by the grace of our lord.

We expect your prestigious co-operation.

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